Hotel Cleaning

For more than 10 years, our company has been contracted by prestigious, internationally renowned hotel chains. Our main profile is room cleaning and we have more than 100 maids. We have not only maids, but also housekeepers and housekeeping managers, so we can provide a full housekeeping service on request, to the highest standards. We are looking for new opportunities and challenges to become an international company through our business partners and to create the perfect housekeeping for the modern age in collaboration with the best in the business.

Public spaces

With the help of our professional cleaners, even on 24-hour duty, we can clean indoor and outdoor, small and large spaces with the necessary equipment. Typically common areas frequented by hotel guests:

  • Restaurant
  • toilets
  • conference rooms
  • lifts
  • stairs
  • terraces
  • passageways
  • ballrooms
  • balconies
  • wall coverings
  • lighting/lighting bodies
  • furniture
  • upholstery
  • etc

simultaneous cleaning of.

We also take care of professional spaces that are closed to guests, such as:

  • technical corridors
  • changing rooms
  • staff restaurant
  • kitchen
  • kitchen equipment
  • etc.

general cleaning on an occasional and regular basis, according to contract.

Kitchen cleaning

Special environments require a special solution. An industrial kitchen is not comparable to a home kitchen. The thickness of the dirt accumulation, the intensity of the accumulation, the time of the accumulation, the extreme working hours (night work), the humidity, all pose extra challenges!… But not for us!

Our company has gained considerable experience over the years. Cleaning heavily contaminated kitchens quickly and thoroughly, in compliance with official standards, always bearing in mind the specific needs of the customer (operation, opening hours, etc.). We can meet these requirements, with the help of the high level of machinery, the professional experience of our colleagues, their high level of chemical knowledge and their high workload.

Our company therefore strives to offer not the cheapest, but the most cost-effective, best value for money quotation for each tender.

Special Environments

One of our references is a server room company in Budapest. At their request, we carried out in-service cleaning of the suspended floor of their newly built server room, equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technologies, and the areas underneath.

The daily cleaning of the wellness and fitness area of the Flamenco Hotel was carried out to the highest standards, in accordance with the needs of the guests.

Minimal hygiene of the outdoor area for the huge number of participants in the People’s Island Run.

Our company undertakes post-work cleaning of construction and renovation sites, one-off and flat-rate contract cleaning of office environments, cleaning of home environments (apartments, houses, holiday homes).

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